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Working with industrial power tools is always dangerous, and workers should be properly trained on how to safely use them. At Bevel Tech Group, Inc., we work with a lot of industrial type tools. At first thought, people seem to think that pneumatic tools are much safer than electric or hydraulic, and in many ways they are. But working with industrial tools, no matter if electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic driven can lead to severe injury or death if the operator of the tool is not careful.

Hand safety is always a threat when working with industrial tools, especially ones that are rotating in nature and geared down to cut and shape heavy metals. These machines do not speak, or understand yells or screams; they just keep doing what they’re doing. They will overpower you in a split second, and more times than not leave you severely injured.

One of the first and foremost safety precautions that Bevel Tech Group, Inc. mandates is that there will be no jobs involving just one person when working with industrial pneumatic, hydraulic, and/or electric driven rotating tools. The second technician is always dedicated as an additional safety backup and monitors the machining activity at the energizing source where he/she can immediately stop a machine in case the operator falls into danger. On machines as powerful or as large as we usually use, if you were to get snagged by a machine, it normally is so powerful that it will seriously hurt, disfigure, or kill you before you can get to the stop mechanism. The machine doesn’t recognize danger, so we have to mitigate those dangers to keep people safe.

Besides our strict and proven policy utilizing a second technician stationed 100% of the time at a stop or trip mechanism, Bevel Tech Group, Inc. continues to evaluate any safety threat we identify and our engineering department works vigorously to resolve and mitigate those threats. Mitigation can be performed thru procedures or by redesigning any piece of the mechanical equipment to prevent injury.

Our engineering department has developed several enhanced safety mechanisms to mitigate or eliminate job threats, keeping our employees and our rental customer employees from being injured while performing tasks associated with equipment that we regularly use.

To mitigate the scenario of an accidental or premature opening of the valve handle that energizes the machine, all of our equipment has now been retrofitted with “dead man” valves. Previously, on some of our rotating cutters, trip pins had to be positioned manually in either an ON or OFF position, putting the operators hand close to the moving parts of the machine.  The pin actuator allows this function to be done pneumatically, and at a safe distance away from the cutter.

The grip valve allows air to power the machine only when the operator is holding the valve and squeezing a lever that opens the valve.  When released the valve automatically goes back to a closed position cutting off air to the machine until squeezed again.

Additionally, there is a second push valve that operates the trip pin actuator.

Pictured below, these valves allow the operator “hands free” operation at a safe distance from the machine with a positive locking mechanism to prevent any accidental actuation of start up.

Another safety feature added to our clamshell pipe-cutting field machining equipment fleet is the automatic trip feed/ dead man air caddy. This allows the operator total “hands free” start up operation along with “hands free” feed actuation at a safe distance away from the machine.

As history tends to repeat itself, we should never turn our heads to a possible threat, but immediately mitigate the threat by performing an analysis to determine the proper corrective action.

At Bevel Tech Group, Inc., we continue to evaluate threats and mitigate them. It’s just the right thing to do.


Staff Spotlight

Chris LeGeaux, Engineer and Shop Supervisor

Chris LeGeaux

Name:     Chris LeGeaux

Title:       Engineer/Shop Supervisor

Job Description:

Main duties include: Quotation through completion of shop jobs. Oversee maintenance of shop building, equipment, and vehicles.  Order tools, materials and supplies for shop and field work.  Provide input on design and fabrication of job specific fixtures and equipment.  Create and maintain all equipment drawings. Coordinate work of outside suppliers.

Years with BTG:        6

Bio:     Thirty plus years of experience in drafting, design, and engineering work in roadway construction, material handling, rock quarrying, and now pipe and flange weld prep.  Worked at Martin Marietta – Aggregate Division, Southern Scrap, Wink Inc., and several small engineering consulting firms.  Also, 3-1/2” years of teaching experience at college level.

Married to Sheri Rohde LeGeaux with one daughter (Jennifer), and one step-son (Bryan) with three grandchildren.

Hobbies – Military history, hobby machining, and my daughter’s and grandkids sports.

NCCER Training and Assessment Center

Bevel Tech Group, Inc Achieves Accreditation as a NCCER Training and Assessment Center

In late 2013, Kevin Bourgeois, Owner and Operations Manager of Bevel Tech Group, Inc, set a goal for his company to become an accredited NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) training and assessment center.

Kevin’s idea was to offer NCCER training and certification for employees interested in advancing their skills while employed at Bevel Tech Group, Inc. Each interested employee would follow a structured NCCER training program under the instructions and guidance of Mike Murray, a certified NCCER instructor, millwright and supervisor for Bevel Tech Group, Inc.

In early 2014, Bevel Tech Group, Inc. began the process to establish and finalize all the NCCER requirements to become accredited. This included Mike Murray and Mary Bourgeois completing the NCCER (Master Trainer, Training Sponsor and Administrator Certification) training program.

It also included setting up a training and assessment center that meets NCCER guidelines. In mid 2014, Bevel Tech Group, Inc. obtained “candidate” status from NCCER, after establishing all the necessary pre-qualification requirements, and began training and assessing employees. On July 31st, 2015, Bevel Tech Group, Inc. passed the NCCER audit and, on August 13th, 2015, proudly became a NCCER Accredited Training and Assessment Center.

So What is NCCER?

NCCER is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) education foundation created by the construction industry to develop standardized curriculum with portable credentials and to help address the skilled construction workforce shortage.

NCCER is recognized by the industry as the training, assessment, certification, and career development standard for the construction and maintenance industry. To learn more about NCCER click this link

Employee of the Month

Mike MurrayMike Murray, Millwright Project Manager / Training Coordinator

Job Description:
Manage Millwright Projects at multiple locations, Estimate, Plan and Schedule Millwright Projects, Train Technicians in Millwright (NCCER) and Field Machinist (BTG) Crafts, Maintain NCCER Accreditation, Work with Safety Department to keep all employees current in Safety Training and Site Orientations.

Years with BTG:
Mike has worked for Bevel Tech Group Inc for approximately 7 years.


Started in industry in 1993 working at DuPont in Delisle, MS. Mike has 22 years experience as a Millwright/Machinist in many areas of the trade.

Mike has been married for 22 years and has two children, a son who is 21 and a daughter who is 9. “When I am not at Bevel Tech you can find me at home with my family or in the Gulf of Mexico with a fishing pole in my hand.”

Parenco EOV Project – Platform Top Module Cutting

The following scope and highlights are provided as information to just some of the capabilities of Bevel Tech Group, Inc. The precision of this job and our past experience with this customer was the critical factor in Bevel Tech Group, Inc. receiving the job scope.

Project Start Date

The identified project scope was to cut the top platform off of the structure from the attached legs in order to load the top platform onto a barge to transport to the coast of Gabon, West Africa. Bisso Marine provided the barge and the crane for the lift. The (3) pilings were 42” diameter and each piling was 1.25 inch wall thickness.

Unique Aspects of the Project

After careful analysis and review, Parenco decided to make the critical cuts onshore. The lower deck was not required for the service platform to be used in West Africa so our scope was to make precision angle and location cuts and bevels in two phases. The scope included the bevel at the bottom of the top platform, then cut approximately 15 feet of piling off the lower legs, then make the final precision cuts and bevels to match the new structure legs when installed in West Africa.

The pilings needed to be braced at the locations of the cuts to handle the weight of the platform once the pilings were cut through. Bay provided an engineered safe design and procedure for all work and to accomplish these tasks safely. Bevel Tech had a (1) day window to complete Phase I on 11-12-15. This was critical due to the schedule Bay Offshore had with the derrick barge from Bisso. Any change in schedule would have been costly, so timing was critical to the overall success of the job.

Parenco Module Lift 1Our meetings with Bay and Parenco called for Bevel Tech Group Inc to go in with two crews the day before 11-11-15 and set our machines and partially cut into the pilings to make sure we were ready and “all systems were go” for the next day. We completed the phase one portion of the job scope as planned and all parties were very pleased with the quality of the job and schedule.

Parenco Module Lift 2Phase II involved going back on 11-16-15 after the top platform was secured to the module on the barge and removal of the braces and other piping were completed. We then made the final phase two cuts and bevels to remove the 15 feet section of the legs that were not needed when installed in West Africa. Phase two was accomplished on time and again to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bevel Tech Group was chosen by Bay due to the critical aspects regarding precision cuts and bevels and the short window to complete the tasks. Our past performance and experience with Bay performing numerous machining jobs provided them with a high confidence level in our performance and by providing highly trained technicians and reliable equipment as in the past.

Employee Spotlight

Dale Bond


Dale Bond, Sales and Accounts Manager

Job Description:
Duties include Sales, Project Scope Reviews along with Project Estimating and Project Coordination. Dale has 33 years combined experience in the Gulf South promoting Engineered Equipment and Services in the Petrochemical, Power, and Offshore industries.

Years with BTG:
8 Years



Have You Seen Us Lately?

Bevel Tech Group, Inc. – Have You Seen Us Lately?

As we begin 2016, we would like to re-introduce Bevel Tech Group, Inc. to all our past and current customers. The 2015 year introduced some changes to Bevel Tech Group, Inc., including the addition of services such as the Line Isolation and Hydrostatic Weld Testing and the Bolt Torquing Services.

Bevel Tech Group, Inc. continues to expand to meet our customers needs by adding valued services to our current portfolio. Our current services lineup now includes:

  • Deep Water Pipe Counterboring Services and Pipe Insulation Modifications
  • PEMS – Pipe End Management System – Metrology for Pipe Ends
  • Certified Millwright Services, both shop and field services
  • Metrology work using the FARO Vantage laser
  • Field Machining Work and Services
  • Line Isolation and Hydrostatic Weld Testing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing Services
  • Shop and Fabrication Work
  • Pipe Machine and Tool Rentals
  • And Much More!

Look Back at 2015 and 2016 Forecast

As most companies in 2015 we were challenged to make the best of a down turn in the Deep-Water Industry. Fortunately, with the diversity of the services we provide we were able to focus on the direction that would take us through 2015 and beyond. With every down turn there is an upside. Natural Gas prices and availability was the key to spurring an abundance of work in the Petro-Chemical / Heavy Industrial Plant areas.

Also, we added a few more services to our portfolio that we are extremely excited about the growth and potential it will bring. We believe the outlook for 2016 will still have its challenges but we feel we will see the Deep Water Industry start to recover in Q3 and Q4 of 2016. As well, we expect the Petro-Chemical Industry to continue to take advantage of natural gas prices, which will spur continued construction and turnarounds throughout South Louisiana.

However, the highlight in 2015 for us is that BTG achieved its accreditation as a NCCER Training and Assessment Center. This will be so important for us going forward to ensure and verify our technician’s meet and exceed the expectations in the Industry. It’s important that we focus our attention to the quality of the services provided as well as maintain competitive pricing. Doing the job right, the first time, will remain our focus going forward into 2016.

Featured Employee of the Month

Kevin Bourgeois

Kevin Bourgeois, Owner and Operations Manager

Job Description:

Oversee all aspects of Bevel Tech Group Inc.’s operational policies and procedures. Involved in the hiring, development, evaluation and training of all employees. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, quotation development, contractual agreements, terms and conditions and client interface. Evaluate and implement equipment design and fabrication. Procurement and personnel needs to coincide with the company’s growth for optimal utilization of resources and manpower.

Years with BTG:

Since inception in 1998


Forty years of experience in the machining arena with machine shop practices for both field and shop machining applications. Worked at Boland Marine, Martin Marietta (NASA), General Electric and several other smaller machine shops around South Louisiana. Field Equipment design/ manufacturing as well as fixturing design for Field Machining applications. Developed machining procedures for non-standard machining applications that are now the standard for Deep-Water piping products. Experience based in Aerospace, Marine, Power Generation, Electric Motor and Turbine, Oilfield, Heavy Industrial and Deep-Water Pipe sectors.

Married to Mary Martin Bourgeois with his youngest daughter Brieanne, a Senior at LSU majoring in Kinesiology and his oldest daughter Kendra with (5) grandchildren.

Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Motorcycle riding and following LSU Sports.