Bevel Tech Group, Inc became its own entity and opened up in 1998 as a specialty pipe and machining company with heavy emphasis on deep-water SCR pipe. Since then, our business has dramatically expanded into all areas of industry where shop and field machining are required.


Our shop can accommodate shipments by large trucks such as 18-wheelers, and includes two overhead cranes (ten ton and 5 ton overhead gantry crane in shop) for ease in unloading of materials delivered to our shop. We also have a large forklift for outdoor use for offloading and loading of deep water 40 ft pipes.

In late 2008 we began construction on our new work facility. We moved into that new facility in early 2009. Presently located at 4030 Bowden Road (River Road) in Geismar, Louisiana, our facility includes over 8 acres of available land, our administrative offices, and a 60-feet wide by 200 feet long industrial workshop.

Our business has expanded into every imaginable area, serving the petrochemical, power generation, and onshore/offshore sectors of the oil industry, and more. We provide manpower, machinery and tool rentals, repair services, and maintenance and preservation work. We have entered the line isolation and weld test service as well as the bolt torquing service.

Let Bevel Tech Group, Inc tackle your next job. We’ll provide quality services at reasonable prices, and aim to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction.