Bevel Tech Group, Inc was recently awarded and completed a job in South Louisiana for a major fabricator to precisely check five 20-ft diameter flanges using our FARO Vantage laser dimensioning tool. The job scope included measuring the flatness and circularity of the bolt circle of the five 20-ft diameter windmill transition flanges to the supporting tower. The customer needed precise verification that the flanges maintained tolerances after welding on the pieces were completed.

In the event the flanges would have exceeded the maximum tolerance range, Bevel Tech Group, Inc would be contracted to machine these flanges, in place, at their 80-ft high location on the deck platform high on the tower.

Due to the tight time frame, Bevel Tech Group, Inc had tooled up and was ready to machine the surfaces of any or all five 20-ft flanges. Our large flange facing machine was custom modified beforehand so that we could be immediately ready to perform the job, if needed, and still meet the strict deadline. In the end, all five flanges were within tolerance and the job remained on schedule for the Customer.