Engineering for Safety at Bevel Tech Group, Inc

Today, Bevel Tech Group, Inc is proud to present its first demonstration of a newly designed star feed system on our pipe cutting and beveling clamshell machines. Our demonstration today to our Client will show how our months of development and design will now make the clamshell operation essentially hands free, significantly reducing the threat of injury from a pinch point. This new design will become standard on every clamshell machine used or supplied by Bevel Tech Group, Inc with no increase in cost to our customers.

We believe that Safety is our number one priority and this demonstrates our commitment to everyones safety. Even though our employees at Bevel Tech Group, Inc use these clamshell machines on almost a daily basis and are quite familiar with them, accidents can happen and by designing and incorporating these new safety devices, it will help to reduce injuries not only for our employees, but just as importantly, to our rental customers who have less experience with operating these machines.

Bevel Tech Group, Inc Completes Counterboring on Coulomb Project


Bevel Tech Group, Inc recently completed the counterboring of the 4.5 inch and 8.625 inch OD pipe for the Coulomb Project. Utilizing our dual CNC setup which only requires about 120 ft by 120 ft of work space, the dual CNC setup can maximize the production rate and decrease duration time for the customer. This setup has been utilized on many of our counterboring projects, and can be mobilized at just about any location in the world. Typical electrical requirement is 480 volt and can be supplied by a generator if needed. An air supply of 90 psig at 90 scfm is required also. Bevel Tech Group, Inc provides all the loading and unloading racks and also utilizes our automated loading rack to safely feed the pipe joint into the CNC machine.

Our proven work success in this area is why our Customers continue to call on us to perform their counterboring projects

.SCR Counterboring Setup