October Newsletter – Plant Maintenance and Turnarounds

Plant Maintenance and Turnarounds

Fall season is upon us and its also a time when many plants and industries utilize the cooler weather to perform plant turnarounds and major equipment maintenance. Some plants choose to perform a partial plant outage while others prefer to take the entire plant down for scheduled maintenance.

This month Bevel Tech Group, Inc would like to highlight the many services we provide to the plants and industry. We already are performing some of these services for turnarounds and plant outages in the area and have more scheduled in the next few months.

NCCER Certified Millwright Services

NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) develops standardized construction and maintenance curricula and assessments. Bevel Tech Group, Inc is a NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor and an Accredited Assessment Center. All our Millwrights have ascertained the NCCER certification.

Our certified millwright services include maintenance and repair, new installation, and preservation of various types of equipment. Bevel Tech Group, Inc. has experience in all aspects of installation and repairing equipment including pumps of any type, mixers, gearboxes, conveyers, bucket elevators, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, steam and gas turbines, blowers and fans, and much more.

Field Machining Services

Besides the many millwright services listed above, Bevel Tech Group, Inc also provides a wide array of other services, specializing in performing many of these services at our Customer’s site or alternate locations.

We routinely perform pipe cutting with our pneumatic split frame clamshell pipe cutting machines. We also perform pipe beveling and flange facings of various sizes. We own and stock most of our equipment so that there is no long wait for a machine to be delivered to us. We also have tool and equipment rental services, providing state of the art equipment rentals to Customers who choose to provide the manpower to perform some of these tasks.

Visit our web site pages to see all the field machining services that we can provide.

Line Isolation and Weld Test Services

Our line isolation and test tool services can positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors while performing the hot work on the upstream line. It can then be slightly moved to effectively hydrotest the new weld connection utilizing the same tool while using a minimum amount of water or test median. This provides the customer with an approved means of isolation and weld test while minimizing the hydrotest median volume.

Our standard isolation/test tools range from 3/4 inches to 36 inches and are available at your request. We have the tools for multi-schedule piping and can reach test pressures up to 2250 psi. If a size larger than 36 inches is needed, contact us with your pipe size and schedule and specific info and we can see if we can supply you with one.

And last but not least, don’t forget about the MONEY saved by eliminating the de-inventoring and decontamination of lines and vessels, and the elimination of scaffolding needed for various blinding points when using our line isolation and weld test services.

Hydraulic Bolt Torquing Services

We utilize a wide range of compact, light, safe, and easy to use hydraulic torque tools for loosening and/or tightening the bolts. We offer services to tighten bolts while equipment is in service (hot bolt), or services to loosen and tighten bolts during plant maintenance, turnarounds, partial unit shutdowns, or equipment outages.

Hydraulic bolt torquing can save you time vs other conventional bolting techniques and many companies have critical paths to conform to during their shutdowns, so hydraulic bolt torquing can help our Customers meet their critical path schedules.

Recognized as an industry standard for leak prevention, hydraulic bolt torquing can help to prevent leaks on flanges, exchangers, vessels, or on any application where tightness of bolts is critical to prevent leaks.

Staff Spotlight

Kelly Thigpen

Kelly Thigpen
Lead Field Supervisor for Millwrights and FARO Laser Dimensioning.
Job Description: I started in the industry at the age of 19 as a Millwright helper. Over the years I have adapted to whatever work was needed for me to perform from pipefitting, welder, iron worker, civil work and heavy equipment operator. I am proud to say that I have over 20 years in the industry and I am still young enough to learn new things, but more importantly I pride myself in teaching the next generation of workers in the skill set and thinking process that is needed to do our job effectively and safely. I strive everyday to be the leader that I have learned from and hope that I can pass along a positive and responsible attitude.

Bio: I have been married to Chara Thigpen for 13 years. We have a son, Layton who is attending his sophomore year at St. Amant High School. On my off time we enjoy the baseball life, motocross, being around family and friends, and living life to the fullest.