A client of ours recently called us and said that a brand new 40 inch stainless steel spool piece, elbow, and flange were damaged at their job site while attempting to set up the spool piece for installation. The new gasket surface was scarred badly enough that they did not want to attempt to install the pipe spool without getting the flange and gasket surface repaired.

After the call, the Client delivered the large spool piece to our shop that afternoon and we immediately grabbed our 58 inch OD flange facing machine and started the repairs for them. We were able to resurface the flange face and gasket area and made sure the raised gasket surface met proper specifications. The Client was able to pick up the spool piece the next morning, resulting in less than an 18 hour complete turnaround from site to site. Needless to say the client was quite happy with our work and repair time.