February Newsletter

Family, Friends, and Neighbors In Need

I would like to start this month’s Bevel Tech Group, Inc newsletter by sending prayers and best wishes out to all those impacted by the recent tornados and to the thousands of families, friends, and neighbors who are still struggling to recover from last years historic flood. Even though the flood was in August 2016 (7 months ago) the rebuilding process is still affecting so many people.

Every day I see more houses being demolished, FEMA trailers showing up. Some are lucky and are now back in their repaired homes, many are in the rebuilding process, some have been devastated and walked away, and many are still only getting started in the recovery process.

We ask that if you have any spare time, equipment, materials, or any kind of resources, reach out and help those in need. It has been and still is for many a very difficult and challenging time.

Your One Stop Shop For Deepwater and Industrial Services

Bevel Tech Group, Inc has been adding additional industrial services for the past few years to make it simpler for our Customers to receive most, or all of the services they need from one Company. This can help our Customers obtain lower overall cost. When we are selected to perform large segments of work at a site, we can work with your company to stage equipment trailers onsite to reduce or eliminate delivery times of equipment. Since we own all of our tools and equipment we can control project cost to our Customers. For specialized applications or machining projects, our in house engineering department can custom design tool or equipment modifications to meet all Safety and Quality needs. This can significantly reduce schedule time and costs to our Customer.

To see all of the services we now offer, visit our web site at www.beveltechgroup.com.

Below is a short list of some of the latest projects and turnarounds that Bevel Tech Group, Inc has helped our Clients with:

Motiva Convent – H-Oil including field machining, pipe cutting, isolation and test services

Rubicon G500 Project – NCCER Certified Millwright Services

Shell Geismar – EOEG-3 T/A including pipe cutting, bolt torqueing, NCCER Certified Millwright services, isolation and test services

Axial – CC T/A – NCCER Certified Millwright Services

Exxon Refinery – PCLA-2 T/A including field machining and pipe cutting

Exxon Refinery – GLA1X including the use of our FARO Vantage laser coordinates measuring device to set critical setup alignment of compressor gearbox train.


Employee Spotlight:

Bevel Tech Group, Inc would like to introduce our newest member of our elite Staff of Professionals. Marty Martin joins us with almost 40 years of service in the Oil, Gas, and Industrial fields of service.

Marty Martin

Marty Martin

Business Development – Deepwater Products & Services

Marty can be contacted by emailing him at marty@beveltechgroup.com.


Maintain strong relationships with existing client contacts within the Deep Water piping and products industry and develop new opportunities with the major oil producers, engineering firms, lay contractors, coating contractors and pipe manufacturers. Seek out and develop opportunities for services related to the Deep Water piping industry with regards to CNC machining of pipe products, OD coating machining applications and our newest service PEMS Laser Measurement system.


June of 2017 will be (40) years in the oil and gas industry and as all of us can attest it’s been an interesting ride over the years. I started out chasing drilling rigs in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming in field sales and over the years I have held a vast assortment of sales, business development, sales management and project management positions to include general manager / business development of a 3rd party inspection firm.

I have always worked for companies which provided a technical service typically associated with nondestructive testing, examples being: EMI and internal plastic coating of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), Vacutec Testing of underground storage tanks and the application of impressed current cathodic protection systems, AUT (Automated Ultrasonic Testing) on mechanized welded line pipe (SCR and flowlines) for both deep water (6K to 10K feet) and large OD land based projects. For the past (10) years I have worked with QA/QC companies providing 3rd party inspection services for the manufacture, coating, welding, AUT auditing, traceability and end measurement services for both the onshore and offshore pipeline industry.

Outside Interests

Automobiles (classic, performance, hotrod, doesn’t matter) Outdoor sports to include bay fishing, bird hunting, golf (I own a set of clubs and a pair of shoes), sporting clays etc. Pretty much anything to do with hunting, fishing, shooting guns, and cars, I’m ready.