Parenco EOV Project – Platform Top Module Cutting

The following scope and highlights are provided as information to just some of the capabilities of Bevel Tech Group, Inc. The precision of this job and our past experience with this customer was the critical factor in Bevel Tech Group, Inc. receiving the job scope.

Project Start Date

The identified project scope was to cut the top platform off of the structure from the attached legs in order to load the top platform onto a barge to transport to the coast of Gabon, West Africa. Bisso Marine provided the barge and the crane for the lift. The (3) pilings were 42” diameter and each piling was 1.25 inch wall thickness.

Unique Aspects of the Project

After careful analysis and review, Parenco decided to make the critical cuts onshore. The lower deck was not required for the service platform to be used in West Africa so our scope was to make precision angle and location cuts and bevels in two phases. The scope included the bevel at the bottom of the top platform, then cut approximately 15 feet of piling off the lower legs, then make the final precision cuts and bevels to match the new structure legs when installed in West Africa.

The pilings needed to be braced at the locations of the cuts to handle the weight of the platform once the pilings were cut through. Bay provided an engineered safe design and procedure for all work and to accomplish these tasks safely. Bevel Tech had a (1) day window to complete Phase I on 11-12-15. This was critical due to the schedule Bay Offshore had with the derrick barge from Bisso. Any change in schedule would have been costly, so timing was critical to the overall success of the job.

Parenco Module Lift 1Our meetings with Bay and Parenco called for Bevel Tech Group Inc to go in with two crews the day before 11-11-15 and set our machines and partially cut into the pilings to make sure we were ready and “all systems were go” for the next day. We completed the phase one portion of the job scope as planned and all parties were very pleased with the quality of the job and schedule.

Parenco Module Lift 2Phase II involved going back on 11-16-15 after the top platform was secured to the module on the barge and removal of the braces and other piping were completed. We then made the final phase two cuts and bevels to remove the 15 feet section of the legs that were not needed when installed in West Africa. Phase two was accomplished on time and again to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bevel Tech Group was chosen by Bay due to the critical aspects regarding precision cuts and bevels and the short window to complete the tasks. Our past performance and experience with Bay performing numerous machining jobs provided them with a high confidence level in our performance and by providing highly trained technicians and reliable equipment as in the past.

Employee Spotlight

Dale Bond


Dale Bond, Sales and Accounts Manager

Job Description:
Duties include Sales, Project Scope Reviews along with Project Estimating and Project Coordination. Dale has 33 years combined experience in the Gulf South promoting Engineered Equipment and Services in the Petrochemical, Power, and Offshore industries.

Years with BTG:
8 Years